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'There can’t be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.'
Henry Kissinger

Despite studies showing a good reputation can account for as much as a quarter of an organisation’s value, most still ignore their reputation and take very few steps to protect it, until it’s too late. Don’t be that organisation.

Crisis Planning and Reputation Management go hand-in-hand and should start well before anything has gone wrong. We have developed a suite of services to help you plan better and reduce the impact of business risks on your reputation.

We are here to help you to prepare strategies and procedures to develop, protect and rebuild your reputation when a crisis strikes, and ensure your top team has the necessary communications skills to tell your side of the story without making matters worse.


One-to-one Consultancy

we work directly with the chief executive or board chair, or the entire leadership team

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Extension of your team

sometimes your own team needs guidance and extra support

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Workshops and Hack-sessions

we provide external perspective and facilitate workshops to help you achieve results quickly

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• Audit, commentary and enhance communications mitigations for organisational risk framework
• Reputation management and Crisis Communications Planning
• Business Continuity Planning
• Workshops
o Crisis Communications
o Risk, Reputation and Your Role (for Board and NEDs)
• Crisis Communications – planning, management and recovery